Sunday, July 18

A month is a long time...

First of all,  let me tell you that I finished the second multieffect toe up sock except for the double-knitted bind off.  I have not had the time or patience to work on that.  Why?
Well, as of today I am going out of town for a field project/class for a whole month.   Have you ever tried to pack for a month?  It's not easy.  Mostly because I am going to outside working with soil every day. Not to mention taking care of everything at home that needs to be done in that time.   (Oh, and no photo since the camera is packed.)
I'm not sure how much free time I am going to have, but I am bringing a little knitting project in case I get a chance to work on it.   The good news is I will have internet access, so I will be able to post and check my email during that time to let people know I am still alive.  (But don't expect much knitting content!)
(I'll especially make sure to post on August 1st - my birthday - since I am not going to be able to celebrate with my friends and family!)
Wish me good luck and good weather!
I can tell I am going to miss the whole online knitbloggers scene already!

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