Sunday, June 29

I love Mario

Ok, so after a few months of procrastination (and school) I set up the Nintendo Gamecube that my parents got me for Christmas again. I love Mario and all the Mario games soo much! Its soo addicting... I've mostly been playing Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion. A lot. Steve's playing the Two Towers game from Lord of The Rings, and we're both playing NCAA football. Fun stuff. I do need to find more two player games though. Any suggestions?

You can probably guess how much knitting I have gotten done.

Also, I went swimming tonight in the pool in our apartment complex. It was a little chilly (go figure - it's been in the high 80's all last week) but still good. I want to get a kickboard and some goggles so I can get some good exercise instead of just splashing around.

I'm considering joing the Knitting Blogger's Reading Group. Anyone else gonna? They are reading the Life of Pi, which I've been interested in reading since a girl at work had it with her and told me how good it was.

For your patience with my posting laziness, here is a picture of the sock I have been working on:

I'm doing it toe up on two circs (both a first for me) out of Lane Cervinia Forever Jacquard. (I got it at Knitpicks, but they don't seem to have it anymore)

The pictures of my other recent projects are in my Dad's digital camera 4 hours away, and its a lot to email on his dial-up connection. So once I get home and get them on a zip disk, I'll post everything for the world to see.

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