Monday, June 30

Finally, some knitting content

Finally, some knitting content

The Surprise:
I have worked on the surprise for the last two nights, and have got a good amount done. (Still get scared when I see how much I have left though.) It's looking good - can't wait to be able to post a picture!

The Eros Scarf:
I've decided I'm going to (gulp) take apart what I have done so far, and redo it in a slip-stitch lacey pattern thing to make it a little more interesting looking.

The Dresser Scarf Socks:
These are the Cascade Fixation socks I was posting about a while back. They are made from side to side around the leg and then joined, and the foot is picked up from one end. Well, my gauge turned out to be about .5 sts off... and the leg part is wayyy to big. I am going to take it all apart (sigh) and try again sometime. But not too soon. I actually might use the yarn to make the Broadripple socks from Knitty.

My Mom and Dad recently bought me two skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn (blue). And suggestions on what I could use these two for? Let me know!

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