Thursday, April 7

Back Again

Somehow it has once again been months since I've blogged.  I really do want to write, but at the end of the day things feel to mundane, or I'm to exhausted, or whatever.  At least this time I feel like I have a good excuse for disappearing for a few months.  We bought our first house!

New House

The whole process was both much simpler and much more complicated than I imagined all at the same time.   Suffice it to say that we got very very lucky, and it was only 37 days from when we first saw the house until the day we closed.   We weren't even looking all that seriously, since for so long everything we loved was so far out of our price range.   This home had been on the market since April 2010 after a few failed deals - and for once in our lives we came out on top.

It was mostly in livable condition when we moved in aside from the fact that it had been empty so long, but there were/are still plenty of projects to be done before we can finish unpacking.   The majority of our furniture is still in the (slightly damp) garage.  At least that is creating some motivation!

I'm very excited about all of the projects I have planned.   For me, interior decorating has taken a back seat to the fact that I finally have room for a garden that is larger than a few square feet.  Can't wait for spring!

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L said...

Yay! That's so exciting. Good luck with all of your projects and your garden. So much fun!!!