Monday, August 30


This summer has been an usual one for me. Circumstances have uprooted my schedule and plans, leaving me with a feeling of missing time. Almost a month to be exact.

Part of the issue is the weather. Last summer was almost chilly every single evening. This year it had been a hot, humid sauna with lots of thunderstorms thrown in for good measure. And the mosquitoes. Oh boy, do we have mosquitoes - so bad they actually forced us to abandon a camping trip. Because that vague fog you see in the distance? It's not just a light effect of the sun going down or the heat radiating off the ground. It's a swarm of bugs.

One thing this weather has been good for is my garden. My vine plants have taken off like crazy and my naive certainty that I could keep the pumpkins reigned into our small garden space just seems funny now. I've had to pull them back from the neighbors side of the fence a few times and try to train them along the edge of the grass. They have grabbed onto everything including the tomatoes, other vines, and themselves.

I picked a cantaloupe this morning:


There is a good sized sugar baby watermelon going (along with a bunch of smaller ones):


And yellow squash!


The only thing that really hasn't done well is the cucumbers. This may be due to the new location I moved them to, or my laziness is tying them to the trellis on a regular basis.

Tomatoes, peppers, onions, and even strawberries have been great. I've got this tomato plant balancing itself over the grass:


and these little ones which popped up unexpectedly sometime in July. They've even got little tomatoes.


I really can't wait until I have a bigger space for all this. I hard to tell anything apart in the massive tangle of vines. (And weeds... but let's just ignore those for now.)


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