Tuesday, May 4


Is everyone else as happy as I am that spring has finally hit the midwest? We have even had a number of 80°F days already, although I could do without those.

Despite the warm weather we had a frost just last week and I haven't planted any in my gardens yet. I am going to scale is back slightly from last year since the main garden doesn't get enough direct sunlight during the day to make some of the plants happy. We are either going to put in a raised bed or add new soil since I'm sure the poor soil quality played a role in the stunted plant growth. It was all just an experiment last year! This year, I think I am going to stick to the basics: a few varieties of tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers, maybe an eggplant and a pumpkin or squash.

I received the new issue of Interview Knits in the mail yesterday, and there are a number of patterns I would like to make. It may be enough of a spark to get me knitting regularly again. I started to think about all of the yarn/pattern combos I have in my stash and how much I really would like to wear them. I think that proves that I'm a "product" knitter! I've never been sure before now.

I am busy tonight and tomorrow, but starting Thursday I am going to settle myself on the couch and knit all night. I really should start by finished my Dad's sweater...

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