Thursday, April 13

You don't know how much you really have until you try to pack it.

I knew Steve and I are both pack rats and we have a lot of stuff crammed into the apartment. But when actually see it all... The plus side is that we are being generous to the Goodwill and trash piles. Here is a shot of the living room. (unfortunately, all the other rooms look just like it.)

If you look closely, you can see (ahem, some) of my yarn on the left edge of the frame. Notice that we still have approximately 500 pounds of books to pack up. I think those are the worst!

I made up some Post-it notes with "Do Not Pack" written on them, so we don't pack something we still need. Everything is such a mess (see above) that things are starting to blend together. Mollie seemed a little concerned over all this activity, and made it clear that she didn't want to end up in a box.

I almost forgot - during the apartment hunting last weekend my car turned 50,000 miles old.

I love my car so much; I don't want it to get old!
(Yes, I am a dork.)

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