Thursday, March 30

Keep your fingers crossed.

So my job interview last Monday went well. I like the company and job description and hopefully they like me too.

Well apparently they do, since I got a phone call as I was driving back to Iowa a mere 4 hours after my interview ended asking me if I could come next Monday for a second interview!

I haven't been this excited about something in a long time. We have starting looking for a place to live already - it feels so good to be moving back to the Chicago area. Just driving past all the restaurants and shopping malls gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

The absolute BEST part is that my good friend and former college roommate just started a job last week not more than two miles down the street from my possible future office! We have already gone out for lunch. So. Fate?

Sorry, no photos or knitting. I think I've knit about a half inch on a sock over the last two weeks!


KSD said...

Kudos on what sounds like a pitch-perfect interview! And what a bonus to have your best friend so near.

Libby said...

Congrats on the interview. That is wonderful news, and good luck because we all know what a second interview really means...
Can't wait to hear how it goes... Be sure to blog about it or make it to knit night to let us all know.