Monday, February 6

Now we do the dance of joy.

Look! Its a sweater! Sewn together, buttons, and all. I am really happy with it. The set-in sleeves were a lot easier to sew in than I was expecting. Maybe I just got lucky, but I got them to look good on the first try. I made the sleeves a few inches longer than the pattern stated to accommodate for the fact that sleeves are nearly always too short for me. Not surprisingly they ended up a little too long. (Need to remember that a tape measure can be my friend...)

project specs:
Pattern from Hip to Knit, by Judith L. Swartz
Yarn from Beads and Beyond (map) in Cedar Rapids, IA -
Manos del Uruguay, color #100, 5.5 skeins (the pattern called for 7)

I think this is a great simple cardigan pattern. I can see possibilities to use it again in the future, and add some stitch detail or colorwork. Perhaps a border from Knitting on the Edge? (I don't actually own this book yet - but its high on my list!)


Libby said...

Your cardigan is fabulous. It really looks great.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Looks beautiful, isn't finishing such a drag? Just seeing the pics of the sweater before you put it together gave me anxiety, but your end result is beautiful. Manos never disappoints!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Good luck with the Klaralund. I also am a fan of Opal, have you started your socks yet?