Thursday, August 18

More bunny fun.*

*Obviously, I am lacking in the title creativity department tonight.

I was finally able to felt/full my Fiber Trends bunny at my parents house two weekends ago. I am pleased with how he turned out, but next time I have to be more careful when sewing the seams. I thought they would disappear a little more after the felting than they did. (Oh, and the right foot was sewn on a little crooked, but I was able to twist it around enough to look normal!)

and even with my less than professional embroidery skills, he has a cute face:

I have been keeping busy around here. I think we are kind of realizing that summer is winding down. A few weekends ago Steve and I went to St. Louis to see a NASCAR Busch series race, and two weekends ago my parents and I went to Indy to see the Brickyard 400 and tailgate. Loads of fun!! I can't believe that everything I was looking forward to this summer is oooooverrr. (whine.)

Steve and I are going to the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. Yumm... Fair food. Dangerous!

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