Wednesday, June 16

Frogging and Spinning

Here is my Bottoms Up Bucket 0'Chic hat that has been restarted three times now. (Third time's a charm I hope!)

The problem is not with the pattern, but my inablilty to get the gauge right. I made a swatch before I started - really, I did! But I've gone down two needles sizes now and everything seems to be working nicely. Cross your fingers that I can manage to make it work this time. The original purpose of this hat was to wear this weekend*. Hmmm. There is still hope!

*(If anyone can recognize what the hat is sitting on, you'll be able to tell where I am going this weekend!)

Spinning Wheels

Not sure if I have mentioned it here yet, but my parents are going to buy me a spinning wheel as a graduation present! I'm still trying to decide which one to get, but leaning toward an Ashford Kiwi or Traditional wheel. HUGE thanks to the hobbit knitter, Sarah Elizabeth, for her help. If anyone else has an opinion or suggestion please let me know!

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