Tuesday, July 8

new cousin

A new family member!

This is my baby cousin Ainslee, born June 14, 2003.

She weighed only four pounds when she was born, but apparently has gotten chunkier since then. (side note: chunkier on her=good. chunkier on me=not so good. my summer clothes don't fit. I should really put this ice cream down...)

I haven't met her yet, since she lives in Tennessee, but hopefully I will get a chance to soon.

I have been doing a little knitting lately, on the Tasha bag from Summer Knitty. I decided to be daring, and designed a little color pattern to go across the bottom. I am pretty impressed with myself for figuring out the number/placement of the stitches on a graph (math is not my stront point) and for how well my first two-color knitting attempt is turning out. Its certianly not perfect -kinda puckery from my weird tension on the floats. But hey! Gotta start somewhere...
If anyone is interested I'll scan and post the graph I drew; its 47 stitches across, the entire width of the bag.

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