Friday, December 9

Cats Make the Best Helpers

Or something like that.

Cat, helping.

I was pushed out of the way with paw swats and teeth nips while folding freshly laundered fabric. Apparently I was mistaken in thinking these were going to be pillowcases and an apron; apparently this piece was already a cat bed.

Thursday, December 8

More Craftiness: Tree Skirt

I've had a urge to tackle small, instant gratification projects this holiday season. Probably because I've finally put my foot down with myself and decided that not all handmade gifts need to be knitted!

(Long time readers might noticed that there was not a "Gift Knitting 2011" post this year. Very freeing.)

I found this kit for a felt tree skirt at Joann's for 50% off. Since I've been meaning to make (knit) a skirt for the last umpteen years I figured this was a good trade off.

tree skirt

The kit had instructions for sewing or gluing. Even thought I had my sewing machine out from the Advent Calendar project I still went with fabric glue. Much less fiddly. (I did however sew the rickrack along the edge - I thought it would be more of a pain (in my hand, literally) to have to squeeze the glue that whole way.)

Another awful photo. Damn you, early darkness!! I want sun!

Wednesday, December 7

Wine Bottle Outerwear

My Aunt asked me last Thanksgiving (as in 2010) if I could knit a few sets of wine bottle hats and scarves for her wine club this Christmas (as in 2011).   Unsurprising, I waited until the last minute to finish them.

Maybe I'll start them... nah, I have ten months.  Maybe I'll start them... nah, I have five months.   Maybe I'll start them... nah, I have two weeks - um. whoops.

Anyway, they were great fun to make and experiment with color patterns and striping.  I used Knit Picks Palette yarn in three Christmas-y but not obnoxiously bright colors.

Wine Bottle Outerwear


I am definitely going to be making more of these little babies for gifts, and may post the pattern I came up with here if anyone is interested.

Sorry, both the photos are a little blurry. I had about a minute to take them before they had to be packed up and at the post office.

Tuesday, December 6

Advent Calendar

First of all, I want to say a truly sincere thank you to everyone who as contacted me both by email and on Ravelry about my Dad.   Your thoughts and advice really help.  =)

I've been in a crafty mood lately, mostly thanks to Pintrest.  (Don't use Pintrest?  Go! Go now!)   I came across an advent calendar with a sewn paper pocket for each day, that you would have to tear to open.   For whatever reason I just had to make one.   I thought it would be perfect for my parents as a fun little distraction each day.


I had so much fun putting this together.  Sewing paper is practically addicting. The original idea from Pintrest had each pocket sewn in a Christmas shape: stars, trees, etc.    I had one go at a star and decided to stick with ovals and squares.   I'd probably still be fiddling with it if I hadn't!      Each packet contains a small something wrapped in tissue paper.    The numbers were cut out from a sheet of Teresa Collins' Christmas Home scrapbook paper.

My parents loved the surprise and it seems to be serving it's purpose well so far.