Wednesday, February 22

Feeling ambitious.

So after finishing the Manos cardigan a week or so ago, I had a hard time deciding what "big" project to do next. I decided on the Klaralund sweater, which I have lusted after since the first time I saw it.

Even though I love the look of the striping Noro yarns, I knew there was no way I could wear a sweater made of them. (Too bad; I also love the Rosedale and R. United sweaters at Knitty.) I'm jealous of those who can, but the scratch factor is just to high for me. So given that and the fact that I am trying to conserve our limited financial resources, I am using some Plymouth Encore purchased last summer. Of course I wish now that I would have bought the Colorspun Encore - but hindsight and all that.

the front, back, and half a sleeve
color 100% not accurate

I also managed to finish some baby items for The Preemie Project's February donation. (What's with all this finishing stuff? That doesn't sound like me!)

so much for remembering to take a photo at the last minute;
it was difficult to crop out all the junk on the spare bed

They are all kind of random pieces, since I started late and didn't have a coherent idea of what I wanted to make. My Mom mailed me a crocheted blankie she had been working on to include in the donation.

it is really beautiful; my lousy, overexposed photo doesn't do it justice

Monday, February 6

Now we do the dance of joy.

Look! Its a sweater! Sewn together, buttons, and all. I am really happy with it. The set-in sleeves were a lot easier to sew in than I was expecting. Maybe I just got lucky, but I got them to look good on the first try. I made the sleeves a few inches longer than the pattern stated to accommodate for the fact that sleeves are nearly always too short for me. Not surprisingly they ended up a little too long. (Need to remember that a tape measure can be my friend...)

project specs:
Pattern from Hip to Knit, by Judith L. Swartz
Yarn from Beads and Beyond (map) in Cedar Rapids, IA -
Manos del Uruguay, color #100, 5.5 skeins (the pattern called for 7)

I think this is a great simple cardigan pattern. I can see possibilities to use it again in the future, and add some stitch detail or colorwork. Perhaps a border from Knitting on the Edge? (I don't actually own this book yet - but its high on my list!)

Saturday, February 4

Almost FO

After sucking it up last weekend and ripping out the back of my Manos cardigan, the rest of it has gone quickly.

I just have a rew rows left on the right front piece. I do need to take a bit of that apart thought, because I got distracted with placing the last buttonhole and forgot to "reverse neck shaping". (So much for staying up late to finish!) But after that, it just needs to be blocked.

Oh yeah, and sewn up. Ugh. Not my best skill. I just hope I don't have to start over too many times before it looks decent.

And I guess I need buttons still too...

I'm not sure yet what my next big project is going to be. But I've decided that Superbowl knitting is going to be for The Preemie Project.