Wednesday, September 29

More Finished Socks!

When did I start these? I don't even remember it was so long ago. So I finally finished the double-knit bind off on the second sock. I think I like the way it looks, and it is stretchy enough to put on easily, but I'm not sure I will use it again. I much prefer the "m1" bind off I used on the socks below.

Monday, September 27

Finished Socks!

Bernat Sox yarn, "Hot Tamale". The color looked a lot brighter in the skein than in does in the finished socks; I think the short color repeats look sort of muddy knitted up, but I am happy with the results anyways.

Friday, September 24

Projects-In-Progress Rundown

I realize I haven't been too good at a few things lately; namely updating my website and finishing projects! Here is a quick little cheat sheet of the knitting projects I have going right now, in the order they will most likely be finished:

1) Diamond Socks ~ 75% complete
I just started the cuff on the second sock, and hope to finish the pair by early next week.

2) MultiEffect socks ~ 98% complete
I just need to do the double knit bind off on the second sock and they are finished. Have been putting it off since it requires actually concentration and thought!

3)Floofy gift scarves ~ 1/5 complete
OK, so these things really are a PITA. But I like the finished product and besides, they are not for me! Need to get going on them though...

4) Anissa ~20% complete
I am working on the back right now, which is all stockingette stitch. This is a good mindless TV watching project.

5)"Baby" Blanket ~ 10% complete
So I am not really sure why I even started this. I saw the yarn at Walmart and thought it would make a nice, light summer blanket. It's the traditional dishcloth/baby blanket pattern, but I was actually making it for myself! Also good mindless TV knitting.

Monday, September 13

One and a half completed projects!

After a tedious half hour of sewing in ends and assembling pieces, the Harley bear sweater is complete. I have to say I am quite pleased with the results, this being my first sweater ever and all. It fits, the stripes line up, the seams look decent and I didn't even use a pattern!

on the bear

Speaking of patterns, I am considering writing up what I did and posting it here on the off chance that someone else would like to make a Harley-Davidson stuffed bear sweater.

off the bear

The half completed project is one sock out of a pair:

I am calling this my "diamond sock" because of the (hard to see) diamond pattern right above the top of the cuff. Actually, it was supposed to be a row of lacy hearts but... after taking them apart for the fifth time I thought this would be just as good!

Other relevant info: Bernet Hot Sox yarn, size 1 bamboo double pointed needles, 52 stitches around, toe from Judy Gibson's "You're Putting Me On" pattern, heel from Lucy Neatby's "Cool Socks Warm Feet", and cuff by me.

Now to make the second one!

Thursday, September 9

Ok, so enough with the fake posts already!

Yeah I'm sick of them too. Here is a real one:

I have been working on a "Harley Bear Sweater" (for a stuffed bear) with yarn my parents gave me for my birthday last month. I looked over a few patterns in books and online but could not really find the exact size/design I was looking for. So I made a gauge swatch (gasp!) and cast on the right number of stitches for the bottom of the sweater. It's just been a free-for-all since then.

The orange stitches in the middle are actually acting as a stitch holder - I am going to pull them out later to add the neckband. Now do keep in mind that I have never actually made a sweater before. (Oh wait - that's obvious!) But despite that and other shortcomings things seem to be going well. Hopefully I can finish it this weekend and show y'all* the completed product - which should make the name "Harley Bear Sweater" a little clearer!

* No, I didn't recently move further South. While away at my field class we had many discussions on why the four of us, all girls from the midwest, didn't think twice about calling each other guys, as in "hey you guys!". We determined the the contraction y'all really was the best gender-neutral option. It keeps coming back to me at odd times, earning some strange looks from my coworkers.

Thursday, September 2

Hi everyone.

Hopefully you will be glad to hear that I am feeling much better this week. I have spent most of my free time this week cleaning out stuff and rearranging furniture/books/knicknacks. It feels SO good to have a little change. Call it "fall cleaning".

I have been starting to feel a little crafty again, and hopefully after this weekend I am going to start working on some projects. Since I know I have been lacking photos, and my blog has been less than enthralling the last few weeks, I'll leave you with a photo:

This is a nice stash Classic Elite Flash, purchased last summer (already?!) in New Hampshire. It eventually will become Brisa, from Knitty.